Simon Gajšek gained his first professional and work experiences during the study of geodesy. In 2005, he joined the LGB team as a student in the Public Economic Infrastructure Department. Two years later, after graduating from the Faculty of Civil and Geodetic Engineering, he got employed at LGB, focusing on the field of engineering geodesy, which was also his interest and joy. At the end of 2014, he successfully passed a professional examination at the Slovenian Chamber of Engineers and obtained the title of the responsible surveyor, later an authorized geodetic expert, which confirms his expertise in this profession.

Simon has developed and proved his professional competences in the field of engineering geodesy in conducting many demanding geodetic projects, for example, in the construction of the Ljubljana Regional Waste Management Center (RCERO Ljubljana), in the construction of the infrastructure for electronic toll system at the motorway crossing of Slovenia and many others.

Based on the experiences of challenging projects and dedication to professional challenges and enriched by understanding LGB’s performance and the needs of the Slovenian market, he was promoted to the head of the Engineering Geodesy Department in 2016. Under his leadership, the department provides reliable, comprehensive geodetic support for demanding construction contractors – from planning to the completion of construction and recording of constructed facilities and infrastructure. Simon is responsible for the entire course of the projects, from the first contact with the customer to the performance and completion of the service. He directs and organizes work on the field and in the office, and ensures consistent compliance with the regulations, timelines and, quality of work done.

Because of his wide knowledge and attitude towards the quality and quick delivery of services, Simon is appreciated by customers. He constantly strives to find optimal solutions, which is why his clients trust him and for many of them he is an important contact for their needs in the field of geodesy.

The LGB working collective also appreciates his penetration and co-operation. He is working on open and honest relationships between colleagues based on mutual respect and trust. To his colleagues, Simon is a reliable expert in the challenges of demanding projects. He trusts his team and gives them a place to find their own solutions and professional development, but at the same time, he expects them to be responsible and oriented towards the results. Under his leadership, the Department of Engineering Geodesy has developed into a successful team, which is connected by good communication, team collaboration and a positive working climate.

For Simon, the energetic rhythm continues even after leaving his office afternoon. He enjoys freedom and dynamics of driving, whether it’s an engine, a car or a bicycle. In addition to relaxing and clearing up thoughts, it develops skills, thoughtfulness, and quick reflexes. He is excited about good food and music. Especially he likes to visit rock concerts. Otherwise, Simon is spending his free time in the circle of his family. With a partner and two children, they are a sporting and adventure family that enjoys nature and travels.