LGB is one of the leading Slovenian providers of geodetic engineering and geospatial informatics. With a multidisciplinary approach, we implement a comprehensive range of consulting and implementation geodetic services in the field of real estate, infrastructure, and space. We participate in all stages of investment processes, from planning, construction of buildings and public infrastructure facilities to registration of real estate and ownership arrangements.

LGB is one of the largest Slovenian companies for geodetic engineering and geospatial informatics, which generates its revenue through services for private customers, companies, and state and public administration institutions.

50 years of our growth

Our beginnings date back to 1968. In recent years, there have been many professional challenges and intense developments. We have been developed into a company that builds its strategy on the basis of knowledge, rich experience, professionalism and responsibility of employees. Our results include efforts to develop human capacities, professional growth of employees and promotion of creative climate.

We have clear goals

We want to become a top provider of comprehensive geodetic and geoinformation services, which will be recognized in Slovenia and the wider region as one of the most modern and trusted geodetic companies. We will achieve this through the establishment of a comprehensive customer relationship, strengthening long-term business relationships and partnership relations, and investing in the development of knowledge and modern technologies.

Our values

LGB's business is based on the promotion of business excellence, compliance with legal norms and monitoring of modern market requirements in geodetic engineering and geoinformation technologies.

The values of employees in LGB are:

  • business excellence and responsibility
  • professionalism and reliability
  • customer and employee satisfaction
  • speed and flexibility
  • teamwork, collaboration, and continuous learning

Competitive Advantages and Qualities

Our strength is in knowledge and advanced technologies, therefore we are constantly investing in employee development and equipment. Through continuous education, we maintain and upgrade professionalism in all areas, which helps us to follow the development of the profession. The professional composition of employees, modern equipment and unlimited access to national spatial data sets and land registers are our key advantages. Therefore, we can manage large projects and cooperate with administrative structures and the public.

Our experts demonstrate their high level of knowledge in the most demanding projects within the framework of the national program for the construction of state roads, the construction of public economic infrastructure and other complex construction projects, and the procedures for mass editing of real estate records and cadastres.

Our clients appreciate the stability of long-term business connections and partnership relationships, based on proven successes and benefits of cooperation, such as:

  • professionally performed work in accordance with legal regulations, which significantly reduces the possibility of errors and ensures faster resolution of administrative procedures
  • custom-made customer service, which provides the most suitable solution to its specific needs and thus makes better use of its investment in real estate
  • all services in one place, relieved by unnecessary ways and bureaucratic procedures
  • relieving worries and saving time and money

Our engineers publish professional articles in professional publications and participate in numerous conferences and conferences, thus directly affecting the standards of the geodetic profession in Slovenia.

The company employs over thirty highly educated and highly qualified employees, eight of whom are enrolled in the register of authorized engineers at the Slovenian Chamber of Engineers. Other associates include licensed real estate agents, court experts in the geodetic profession and project managers with completed national vocational qualifications.

Corporate Responsibility

Business excellence commits us to respect the principles of social responsibility to employees, clients, business partners and, as well as to the general public.

Our achievements are based on the commitment and knowledge of our employees, which is why we offer them various professional work and conditions for professional and personal growth. By continuing to learn, teamwork and responsible behavior in the company we build a culture of mutual respect and effective cooperation.

We help the wider community to develop a more diverse lifestyle and a quality life in general, which is supported by sports, cultural and charitable projects.

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