• 17 haarea size
  • 30 minflight time
  • 3 cm/pxaerial photos resolution


The non-hazardous waste landfill at Barje, Ljubljana

Project Name

Photogrammetric monitoring the upgrading of the Regional Centre for Waste Management Ljubljana


Snaga d.o.o.


2014 - 2017

Regional Centre for Waste Management Ljubljana (RCERO) is the largest cohesion and environmental project in Slovenia which currently includes 36 municipalities. Under the authority of the Municipality of Ljubljana and other municipalities involved, the entire project is managed by a public company Snaga that wants to monitor, control, and document the complex construction process and the construction progress of complex facilities by taking regular and repeated aerial photographs of the site in the Ljubljana Marshes.

The taking of aerial photographs was entrusted to the company LGB that jointly with its subsidiary Geavis regularly takes the aerial photographs of the construction site of 17 ha at two-week intervals, and, occasionally, of a wider area of temporary dam arrangements of the size of 34 ha. The company Snaga includes the obtained high-resolution aerial photographs in its geographic information system, and thus provides a visual survey of the course of construction. The aerial photographs are obtained in such a way as to ensure the geographic consistency of the shots in different time intervals. Furthermore, with an advanced processing of aerial photographs Geavis creates the digital models of the surface, and therefrom a high-resolution georeferenced planar orthophoto design. The latter allows fast and efficient measurement of geometrical parameters on the construction site (lengths, heights, angles, etc.), and thus the drawing of cross-sections and accurate calculations of surfaces and volumes, of the dams and excavations, for example. The company Snaga has now ensured an effective monitoring of the course of construction and supervision of the construction site and its building contractors.