• 3.300 haof managed forest land
  • 400working areas
  • 56.000 m3of wood in the working areas


Slovenska Bistrica

Project Name

Development of a geospatial information system for a forest estate management


ATTEMS d.o.o.


2015 - 2016

The Attems company, which manages forests at Pohorje and surroundings of Slovenska Bistrica has chosen LGB for the development of a geospatial information system that would support business and work processes in the management of forest estates.

To this end, LGB has developed a web application that enables data entry and updating, planning, monitoring and recording of forest management activities, cooperation in real estate management, assembly and management of lease contracts and other documents, and production of graphical and data analysis and production of reports and maps.

A web-based application, which is available in the German language, enables the foreign owners the ongoing monitoring of what is happening to their forests and which documents are up-to-date. Owners and company executives have up-to-date insight into forest workshops and all information and documents in one place.

The geospatial information system today provides the following functionalities: locating, measuring distances and surfaces, printing maps, attaching files and photos, exporting selected data to Excel, searching for different criteria, data layer layers and adding, editing and deleting events (point, line, and polygonal input).

The client is planning to upgrade the first version of the application. Currently, it is in use for the forest management, with LGB in the future to be further upgraded – both platforms and functionality specific to the client’s business.