For the long-term successful operation of the Geospatial information system (GIS), which will serve the client’s business goals, this system should be regularly updated. GIS maintenance comprises the maintenance of all its components, including:

  • updating the spatial database
  • adjusting system changes (for example, new versions of operating systems)
  • software upgrades
  • implementation of new functionality
  • ensuring data protection

When GIS maintenance?

GIS maintenance is a regular process that is carried out throughout the entire life cycle of this system. Above all, it is necessary when:

  • the data in the spatial database no longer correspond to the actual situation in nature
  • you want to include new data in the spatial database
  • you need new GIS functions
  • you want to adjust the GIS to business processes
  • there are changes and updates of information technology that you use in the business environment

Why GIS maintenance?

GIS maintenance is required:

  • for the smooth and faultless operation of the GIS, with no standstills or interruption
  • your analysis and decisions that you accept on the basis of GIS information will have a realistic and evidence-based basis
  • to obtain a GIS, which will serve its purpose in the long term, which means faster return on your investment in the GIS
Geospatial Informatics