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  • > 120simultaneously active investment projects
  • > 7.700land plots involved in land acquisition procedures



Project Name

Development of an application for monitoring land acquisition procedures




2013 -

The Slovenian Infrastructure Agency (DRSI) is a body within the Ministry of Infrastructure. The Agency performs expert technical, development, organizational and administrative tasks for the construction, maintenance and protection of main and regional roads and some expressways. The tasks of the Slovenian Infrastructure Agency also include the preparation of proposals for investments in state roads within its jurisdiction, coordination of project planning, and the construction and reconstruction of roads and facilities situated at these roads.

DRSI is, among other things, also responsible for the execution of land acquisition procedures and for obtaining evidence of the disposal of land for construction oz. reconstruction of roads. In this context, individual sectors within the DRSI and external contractors are involved. Coordination of a number of simultaneously active projects, several cooperating services, and long-term processes represents a major challenge in monitoring the realization of land acquisition. DRSI, therefore, decided to develop a web application that enables the display of the current state of land acquisition by individual plots for all investment projects. For each project, the application contains data on the project documentation, the envisaged area of intervention, the data of the land cadastre, the existing and projected economic public infrastructure, the orthophoto plan, and more.

For each project, the application enables the keeping of records of data on parcels, owners, areas of intervention, additional works, appraisals, and condition of contracts. The land buyer keeps all necessary contractual documentation in the application. The application allows him to create a contract for each individual landowner on the basis of a pre-prepared sample with all the relevant data directly from the application, thereby reducing the possibility of errors, unifying the form and optimizing the work.

Access to the application is provided to sector managers, investment project managers, consultants, purchasers, and other authorized persons, with pre-allocated rights at the project level. For a complete overview of the course of investment projects, data exchange with other subscriber databases is also provided.