The geodetic plan represents the basis for the preparation of planning documents and project and technical documentation necessary for spatial developments.

In the geodetic plan in a reduced scale and according to the cartographic rules, we show the earth’s surface and structures above and below it, data from official records and other data that are important in spatial planning, design and construction. This is a presentation of the actual (existing) state of the field, where the directly measured data and data from records and other sources are harmonized.

What information does a geodetic plan contain?

The geodetic plan consists of graphical representation and a certificate. The graphical representation includes data on relief, on water, vegetation, land use, buildings, civil engineering structures (utility lines …), geographical names, geodetic points, boundaries of land plots, administrative boundaries and other physical structures and phenomena.

The content, details and accuracy are agreed between the client and the land surveying firm. We can display additional content, for example, the height of ridges of the houses, roof slopes, the depths of the public economic infrastructure shafts, the display of individual trees…

In the certificate of geodetic plan, we describe the quality of the data included in the graphical representation and the conditions for using the geodetic plan. The certificate means the guarantee of the land surveying firm that the geodetic plan is made in accordance with the regulations and requirements of the client.

Why is a high-quality geodetic plan important?

The geodetic plan is a record of the actual state of the terrain. A well-designed geodetic plan provides important information to architects, designers and spatial planners for their work.

The geodetic plan is part of the project documentation. It is one of the plans in the project for obtaining a building permit and the basis for other graphical representations. This means that an approved graphical representation and a certificate of a geodetic plan must be submitted in the project documentation. A well-designed geodetic plan is a prerequisite for well-designed documentation.

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