Maps or plans can be divided according to the presentation area, content, criterion, purpose, format, etc. The most important is the division of maps by content, where we distinguish two basic groups: general geographic maps and thematic maps.

In thematic maps, only certain objects, phenomena or dynamics of phenomena are highlighted or set out in detail. In everyday life, we use thematic maps most often because they give us different natural and social geographic information.

What can we do for you?

Contact us when you need specific thematic maps for your area of activity: from forestry, mining, agriculture, geology, transport, to tourism and cultural heritage protection.

On the client’s request, we produce thematic maps of the following contents:

  • natural-geographic maps: geological, hydrological, meteorological, climatic, elevation belt maps, etc.
  • social-geographical maps: mountain, tourist, car cards, settlement maps, etc.
  • technical maps and plans: cadastral maps, engineering plans, synoptic maps, nautical and aeronautical maps, etc.
Geodetic Plans and Maps