In administrative or court proceedings, an official or a judge may appoint a geodetic expert to obtain answers to specific questions from the geodetic profession because he himself does not have such expertise.

The activity of court experts involves the production of expert opinions and reports at the request of the court, if so provided by the law, or if the court assesses that it needs it for its decisions. Judicial expertise is carried out by a judicial expert on the basis of the Decision on appointment of a court expert, issued by the Ministry of justice.

The assistance of a judicial expert as an expert in a particular field may also be sought by a client who needs expert assistance. For example, in some cases, the party cannot give the legally relative facts or cannot put the appropriate substantive basis if the party does not engage an expert in the relevant profession before litigation or non-litigious proceedings, which produces an opinion on the basis of which the party forms its claims. The expert with answers to technical questions from his profession also helps the client to assess the possibility of success in judicial proceedings.

In our company, we employ a court expert for the geodetic profession, who participates in litigation and non-litigation procedures at the request of the court. He also produces expert opinions on customer’s request.

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