Where there is a possibility that a residential or non-residential building will be divided into several independent, closed, functional units – housing, business premises, etc., the owners of individual parts of the building may opt for the formation of condominium.

Condominium is the property of an individual part of the building and the co-ownership of common parts serving all or some of the individual parts of the building.

A prerequisite for the establishment of condominium is the building registration into the building cadastre. The condominium of the building is then formed on the basis of:

  • the act on the formation of a condominium, adopted by the owner of the plot or the owner of the building title
  • agreements on the formation of condominium, adopted by co-owners of the building or
  • court decisions in non-litigious proceedings

What can we do for you?

LGB is your reliable choice for regulation of your condominium:

  • On the basis of the study on building registration in the building cadastre and in cooperation with an authorized law office, we prepare an act on establishment of condominium or an agreement on the establishment of condominium
  • On the basis of this document, we prepare a land register proposal for the regulation of condominium in the land register and registration of property rights in favour of individual floor owners
Law of Property Relations