• 6 yearsof effort for the benefit of the owners
  • 350housing units dealt with
  • 700new parcels


Residential neighborhood Murgle in Ljubljana

Project Name

Regulation of real estate ownership in the land register


Owners of residential buildings


2002 - 2008

The settlement of atrium-type houses in Murgle, Ljubljana was built in 1967 but remained largely unregulated for a long time. Only in the new millennium, a few individual owners turned to our company with the desire to arrange ownership of their real estate.

We decided not to solve individual cases, but we divided the settlement into squares. First, we systematically regulated the cadastral situation, followed by the regulation of ownership of the real estate in the land register. We gained the missing documentation, in some cases arranged ownership chains, inheritances, created a lot of lost documents – of course, inevitably with the participation of each individual owner.

At the end of the project, we can boast that we have arranged an entry in the land register for 250 owners of real estate in Murgle. And with this, a calmer sleep.