Recording a building is a service that combines the land under the building determination and registration and the building registration in the building cadastre for a building with one part (e.g. a dwelling house, commercial building, garage, etc.) and the building owned by one owner.

When to record the building?

The building must be registered when:

  • you want the newly built object to be registered into official records (in the building cadastre and in the land register)
  • if the building is a new construction and does not yet have its own identification number and land under the building is not determined and registered
  • for plot you want to change the type of land use to the land under the building
  • due to the removal of the building or part of the building from the register, data on the land under the building are changed
  • when it is necessary to satisfy the Property Registration Act, which prescribes the obligatory recording of buildings in the building cadastre regardless of the year of construction, namely from 22.11.2018 onwards

Why record the building?

The building must be registered so that you can:

  • get a house number
  • to register your property into the land register
  • conclude legal transactions with your real estate, such as sale, purchase, exchange or mortgage credit
  • that the data in the building cadastre and the real estate registry reflects the actual state of your property
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