Boundary adjustment is a geodetic service where we change the course of the determined part of the boundary between two or more plots. In this case, the area of the smaller parcel involved in the adjustment may be changed by up to 5% but not more than 500 m2.

The conditions for boundary adjustment are:

  • the consent of the owners of both plots which boundary we want to adjust,
  • the part of the plot boundary, which we want to adjust, must be previous regularised.

When to adjust the boundary?

The boundary should be adjusted when:

  • the course of the boundary is an obstacle to use the property, for example, you want to make it easier to cultivate land, easier access to your plot, easier to build a fence, etc.
  • you want to correct the irregular shape of the plot boundary
  • you want to exchange the parts of adjacent plots so that the surface of any of the plots does not change significantly

Why adjust the boundary?

The boundary should be adjusted:

  • so that you can use your real estate easier and more economical
  • for more economical use of space
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