When determining the boundary of length objects, we determine the course of the boundary of public roads, railways, corridors, watercourses, cableways and other length facilities. These are areas of general interest and have the status of a public good.

When determining the boundaries of length objects?

Determining the boundaries of length objects is required when:

  • your land lies below a length object (e.g. road or rail)
  • you want to buy, sell or exchange part of the plot that lies below the length object
  • you want to determine a building plot for an existing length object (e.g. road or rail)

Why determining the boundaries of length objects?

The boundaries of the length objects must be determined to:

  • conclude legal transactions with your real estate, such as sale, purchase, exchange or mortgage credit
  • you will be able to transfer the ownership of the land that lies under this object (e.g. roads or railways) to the operator of the length object
  • for the correct calculation of taxes related to your property
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