The boundary determination and registration is determination of the course of the boundary of the plot, with the goal of harmonizing the boundary in nature with the data in the land cadastre. We can regulate the plot boundary in whole or only part of the boundary, whereby the service can be independent or provide a starting point for other services, such as boundary adjustment, land partitioning, etc.

When to determine the boundary?

The boundary should be determined when:

  • you do not know where the boundaries of your plot are in the nature
  • you cannot agree with a neighbour about the course of the boundary
  • you want to divide the parcel into several parcels
  • you want to adjust the boundaries of the plot

Why determine the boundary?

The border should be determined to:

  • prove your ownership
  • have a good relationship with neighbours
  • know exactly what the size of your plot is
  • conclude legal transactions with your real estate, such as sale, purchase, exchange or mortgage credit
  • resolve administrative procedures more quickly
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