Land consolidation is a service in which the land in a given area is united and divided again among the previous owners in such a way that each owner obtains as rounded land as possible. Landowners in land consolidation acquire a more uniform complex of parcels, the size and value of the parcels being preserved.

In land consolidation new independent parcels are created and the boundaries of the existing plots are changed.

When land consolidation?

Land consolidation is required when:

  • you want to unite the fragmented ownership arising upon inheritance, sales, land partitioning, etc.
  • want to get bigger plots
  • fragmented plots are an obstacle to the use of real estate: you want to ease the cultivation of land, easier access to your plot, etc.
  • this is required by an act of a state body or an authority of a self-governing local community (e.g. a town-planning scheme)
  • you want to carry out a larger spatial interventions (e.g. road, rail, etc.), which will result in major changes in the space, thereby impairing the use of real estate and spatial planning

Why land consolidation?

Land consolidation should be carried out:

  • so that you can use your real estate easier and more economical
  • for more economical use of space and easier settlement planning
  • to facilitate the construction of economic and public infrastructure
  • to increase the market value of real estate and to facilitate the conclusion of legal transactions, such as sale, purchase, renting, etc.
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