In the procedures for registering real estate, frequent changes, transformations and renumbering of plots in the land cadastre occur. We capture these changes in the state of the land plot in the land cadastre over a selected period of time by the process of land plot identification.

With the service of land plot identification, we produce an identity certificate for the client, which is a technical report on the identification of the land parcel and includes:

  • presentation of graphic and numerical plot status at the starting date
  • description of all the changes
  • presentation of the position of the starting plot on the land cadastre presentation and the description of the plot at the end date
  • certificate of plot and presentation of a plot from the last entered data of the land cadastre

Identity certificate confirms the link between the old plot number from the old land cadastre displays and the current plot display in the land cadastre currently in force.

Real estate identification is necessary when you want to prove the identity and ownership of your property in administrative or judicial proceedings.

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