When buying, selling, inheriting or managing land, it is important that spatial data on your land is recorded in the land cadastre and reflect the actual situation in nature.

The land cadastre, which is the official state record of the land, serves as a spatial presentation of the plots of land, the basis for the policies in management of space, valuation and property taxation, management of transport and urban infrastructure, etc. From the data in the land cadastre you get information on the shape of the land, the size of certain parcel, whether the land is under the building and where it lies.

With the procedure of registering the land, we place the data on individual land in the land cadastre. In order for the land cadastre to reflect the actual state of land in nature, it is important that you also follow their changes over time. Land data is only maintained at the land cadastre at the request of the owner of the land.

Only with regulated spatial data on your land as a landowner you can effectively:

  • prove your ownership
  • maintain or increase the utility value of the land
  • easier and more secure conclude legal transactions (sales, exchange, mortgage credit …)
  • quickly and effectively resolve administrative procedures (inheritance, division, judicial proceedings …)
  • ensure the correct calculation of real estate values and fair taxation

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