The land register is a public real estate record, intended for registration and public announcement of data on real estate rights and legal facts related to real estate (land, buildings under condominium, apartments …). The land register shows the ownership of real estate and the burden of real estate.

In the land register are entered all real property rights (ownership right, pledge on immovable property (mortgage), land debt, easements, charge on property, building title) and the obligations for which the law stipulates that they should be registered (prohibition of disposal or encumbrance, lease and rental rights, pre-emptive or purchase right, the right to use the public good and other rights).

The land register also includes legal facts regarding the real estate and the holder of rights in real estate, which are important for the legal transactions with the real estate. Legal facts are recorded in the land register with notes (notes of personal circumstances and a note of bankruptcy, a note of the dispute, a note of the order, a note of the recall of the claim and a note of the mortgage claim, a note of execution, a note of direct enforceability, a note of prohibition of disposal or encumbrance, the note of the public good, the expropriation procedure, the note of the supra-mortgage, the note of the protected farm …).

Where can we encounter problems due to disordered data in the land registry?

  • in sale of the property
  • in administrative procedures
  • in obtaining a loan or credit
  • in succession proceedings
  • in enforcement against the property
  • in hiring, renting, leasing and other legal transactions that are subject to real estate

What can we do for you?

Our experts can assist you with the following land registry procedures:

  • registration of condominium in the land register
  • registration of ownership and other real rights in the land register
  • obtaining information on a certain real estate from a land register, land cadastre and building cadastre
  • obtaining information on phases of the registration procedure in the land register
  • and other land registry services
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