When you want to conclude a legal transaction related to the property right on a real estate, you encounter many legal and regulatory provisions that make up the real estate law. In all this, you want to solve issues that are often quite complex and have long-term consequences for you. In these cases, quality legal support provides you with greater security in concluding a legal transaction and the compliance of documents with applicable law and your expectations.

What can we do for you?

In cooperation with legal experts in the field of real estate law, we advise and assist you in the conclusion and execution of legal transactions with real estate. You can contact LGB when you need to:

  • govern mutual relations between owners, co-owners or users of the property with a thorough due diligence verification of the legal status of real estate (e.g. legal feasibility, compliance with legislation, land register state, tax consequences)
  • arrange mutual relations between owners, co-owners or users of the property

Our legal experts can assist you in drawing up of all types of real estate contracts and legal transactions, namely:

  • contracts for the recognition of property rights
  • contracts for the dissolution of joint ownership
  • contracts on harmonization of the land registry state with the actual one
  • sales contract
  • donation agreement
  • exchange contract
  • contracts on the establishment of real property and personal easements
  • acts and agreements on establishing of condominium
  • land registry permissions
  • contracts with succession effects
  • and other legal transactions and documents

In addition, we, together with our legal experts, help you to find the solution that is most suitable for you and meets your expectations and guide you through all the stages of the business itself.

Law of Property Relations