The surveying of public infrastructure provides information on networks and public infrastructure facilities that infrastructure operators need in order to effectively regulating and managing infrastructure and space.

In surveying of the networks and associated public infrastructure objects, we determine the position, dimension and descriptive data for all characteristic points, lines and surfaces of a particular type of public infrastructure.

When the surveying of public infrastructure is needed?

The surveying of public infrastructure is needed:

  • when you want to obtain location information of an existing or newly built network or related facilities
  • for the purpose of producing or maintaining the cadastral records of an individual GI
  • when you need geodetic monitoring of infrastructure construction
  • after the completion of the construction of the infrastructure for the preparation of a geodetic plan for a new status for the preparation of the as-built design and documentation for obtaining an operating permit

Why the surveying of public infrastructure?

The surveying of public infrastructure is needed so you can:

  • gain a real representation of the occupancy and availability of space with public infrastructure networks and facilities
  • establish or update the public infrastructure cadastre
  • enter newly built networks and facilities into the consolidated public infrastructure cadastre
Economic Public Infrastructure Cadastre