Complex construction of demanding facilities, infrastructure facilities and other public economic infrastructure requires constant and expert supervision. In addition to design and geotechnical supervision, investors also decide on geodetic supervision. All these supervisions together provide the investor with a thorough control over the implementation of his investment program.

With a comprehensive range of consulting and implementation geodetic services, LGB offers independent geodetic supervision of construction and provides:

  • that the construction is carried out in accordance with the project on the basis of which the building permit was issued
  • coordinated supervision of the implementation of geodetic works carried out by surveyors of construction companies
  • continuous reporting of possible deviations during construction

Geodetic supervision is carried out in all key construction phases.

When the geodetic supervision of construction?

Geodetic supervision of construction is required:

  • in the construction of demanding buildings
  • in the construction of utility lines and related facilities of public economic infrastructure
  • when you want to check the compliance of construction work with project data

Why the geodetic supervision of construction?

Geodetic supervision of construction enables:

  • timely obtain information on the possible deviation of the construction from project conditions and data
  • find out the deviations between the project and the true situation and correct them in due time
  • enable smooth construction work
  • prevent high costs of correcting any building errors
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