The construction staking-out is the transfer of the layout of the outer periphery of the planned facility to the field or the transfer of the axis of linear construction engineering facilities to the field in a manner that ensures its implementation in accordance with the building permit and the documentation for the execution of the construction. When staking-out we mark the characteristic points of the future object in accordance with the data from the project, on the basis of which the building permit was issued. We can at staking-out as an inverse task of measuring points: the coordinates of the selected points are given and we look for the position of these points in nature.

The construction staking-out is a geodetic service, which is carried out in the initial phase of the construction of the building. In the event that an excavation pit is envisaged, the excavation area should be staked-out first. After the excavation of the construction pit, we carry out the staking-out of the building in the construction pit.

When to stake-out the building?

Staking-out of the building is necessary:

  • prior to the commencement of the construction of each new building or reconstruction of the building that changes its dimensions, for which a building permit is required
  • before the commencement of the construction of each infrastructure facility or utility lines and associated facilities of public economic infrastructure
  • before the commencement of the construction of a simple object for which a building permit is not required and you want to place it precisely in the space

Why to stake-out the building?

The object should be staked-out that:

  • the investor may register the start of construction in accordance with Article 63 of the Construction Act
  • your future object will be properly positioned in the space
  • the construction of your facility will not deviate from the project documentation and building permit
  • find out the deviations between the project and the true situation and correct them in due time
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