The construction of demanding buildings and facilities of public economic infrastructure is a complex and risky construction process. Therefore, during the course of the construction project, in addition to the design supervision, the so-called geomonitoring should be carried out to monitor the interactions between the impact of construction and the environment. It is about monitoring the position of built and natural objects. Any change in the positioning of these objects can be dangerous because it can cause injuries and deformations and affects the safety of life and human health.

Possible causes for changing the position of built and natural objects are many, from wind force, temperature changes, static and dynamic loads to tectonic and seismic effects, changes in groundwater level, etc.

The LGB performs geomonitoring with precise geodetic measurement procedures to determine the exact position of the objects in the space. On the basis of these measurements, we make changes in the position in certain time periods. The result of our measurements is a report that closely analyses the changes in the position and the resulting deformations.

When geomonitoring?

Geomonitoring is required for:

  • determining movements and subsidence in the construction or construction of large foundations and objects
  • monitoring the behaviour of the surface above any underground mine or the construction of an underground space
  • monitoring the behaviour of the object on poorly carrying and squeezing soils
  • monitoring the movement of certain points on objects during the load
  • observation of landslides and rolling slopes
  • observation of the banks around major excavations

Why geomonitoring?

Geomonitoring enables:

  • timely detection of deformations on a building that is the subject of construction, on objects that are in the area of impact of the building, or on natural terrains (hills, slopes …)
  • greater safety at the construction site and in the area of impact of construction
  • that in a timely manner and prior to interventions in the field, we avoid the incorrect decisions on the placement of new constructions into the space
  • greater security when using built or natural objects
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