Engineering geodesy is an indispensable part of every construction project, especially in the construction of large and demanding facilities and public economic infrastructure that require the highest quality measurement procedures. With a comprehensive range of consulting and implementation geodetic services, we are involved in all construction phases – from designing spatial developments up to the completion of construction and recording of constructed facilities and infrastructure.

In the phase of preparation for construction we provide adequate bases for planning the spatial developments and foresee geodetic works in accordance with the requirements of the investor for the accuracy of construction and in accordance with the schedule of the entire construction.

In the construction phase, it is our job to correctly carry out all the procedures of staking-out and implement the intended control measurements. On the basis of the results of geodetic measurements, the construction contractor can initiate any remedial measures in time, and the construction supervisor may require appropriate corrective action from the contractor or even correction of the project.

After the completion of the construction, we perform the actual state measurements for the needs of the creation of the project documentation “as built” (PID) and for the procedure for obtaining an operating permit, and we register the new construction or other changes in the space into to the official spatial records.

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